Corpus Christi Baptist Association Worship Workshop POSTPONED

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Doing God's Story: Getting Back to the Basics of Worship

We are currently looking at a date in late March and will begin publicity with the new date soon.

Pastors, worship leaders, praise team members, and even members of your congregation will benefit from developing a theology of worship based on Doing God's Story (See Goals Below). Because different sized churches have distinct needs, special consideration will be given in this workshop to churches with an attendance base of 200 or less by our presenters. Our hope, however, is that worshipers from churches of all sizes will enjoy a time of worship, fellowship, and idea sharing that aims to take part in God's Story.


  • 8:15    Registration, refreshments

  • 8:55    Orientation, Introduction and Instructions

  • 9:00    Worship Service

  • 9:45    Break

  • 10:00    Session 1 - Doing God's Story - A Theology of Worship

  • 11:00    Break

  • 11:15    Session 2 - Intergenerational Worship

  • 12:15    Lunch

  • 1:00    Session 3 - A Community of Worship: Using our voices and Instruments

  • 2:00    Break

  • 2:15    Session 4 - What's In Your Hand? Asset Mapping for Your Church

  • 3:15    Round Table Best Practices Discussion

  • 4:00    Adjourn


Workshop Goals:

  1. To develop a theology of worship centered on God’s story.  

    1. Keynote address (During morning worship)

    2. Doing God's Story with Dr. Steven Parker and Raymond Sanchez

  2. To develop a sense of community between those involved in leading worship in the Corpus Christi area.

    1. Lunch Fellowship and Breaks

    2. Asset Mapping and Round Table

    3. Database of attendees

  3. To develop the unique communal identity of worship at the churches of those in attendance.

    1. Asset Mapping Seminar

  4. Provide resources to improve communal worship, including but not limited to music, prayer, scripture reading and fellowship.

    1. Singing Key Workshop AND  Instrumental Workshop

    2. Intergenerational Worship

    3. Handouts with webpages and contacts

    4. Round Table Discussion


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Breakout Sessions:

Session 1- Doing God's Story:  Steven Parker, Ray Sanchez

Worship – I don’t think that word means what you think it means!  Worship is more than just Music. Rest, spiritual disciplines, reading passages, sharing testimonies, announcements, offering, and messiness is all a part of Doing God’s Story in your church.


Session 2 - Intergenerational Worship:  Becky Jackson

Worship is more than just Music. Worship should integrate generations, not split them apart. Creative ways to use Christ-followers of all ages to Do God's Story in worship.


Session 3 - A Community of Worship: Kris Reedus and Ray Sanchez Sr.

God's Story is about community. Worship that involves singers and instrumentalists creates community. 

Congregational Singing (25-30 min):  Kris Redus

    Demonstration of Picking Songs in Appropriate Keys

    Resources such as CCLI and Praise Charts

    Transposition/Capo Resources

Instrumental Musicians (25-30 min): Ray Sanchez Sr. 

    Demonstration Ensemble Group: Use who you have

    Using Songselect to transpose music

    Buying arranging Charts

    Find the expert in your area: Local Band Directors, Orchestra Directors


Sessions  4 - What's In Your Hand? Asset Mapping: Steven Parker

You're church has been outfitted with the right tools to Do God's Story in your community. How do your church use what you have to become the distinct ministry God has made you to be? 


Closing Round-Table Discussion:

This will be a time of questions and answers to develop community and discuss resources available in Doing God's Story. within the attendees for this workshop. There will also be time to interact with presenters and the technology they have shared.